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The most amazing finish to the English premier league ever!!

By: Simon Booth On: 22:48:00
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  • Sunday May 13th 2012...Manchester City need to beat QPR to win their first title for 44 years.
    If City fail to win, and Manchester United do win against Sunderland, then United will retain the title.

    It's the final game of the season.....there is 5 minutes of stoppage time signalled!  in the 3rd minute of stoppage time Edin Dzeko scores!!!....it's 2-2!!......SKY reports that Manchester United have won 0-1.....we move into the 4th minute of stoppage time.....City don't have a prayer!!

    Then this happens!  (speakers to the max please!)

    And finally....how fans around the world reacted whilst watching.

     2 days later and I'm still nursing a hangover!
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