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Lame Joke of the Day 2nd Sept 2012......English man, Irish man and a Scotch man.....

By: Simon Booth On: 00:57:00
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    ....Apply to join the SAS, first into the interview room is the English man, the commanding officer is sitting in his chair with a revolver laying on the desk in front of him.

    "What I'd like you to do" says the CO "is to take this revolver, enter the room to your left, and shoot the person sitting in the chair through the head.....do you think you can do that?"

    "Yes sir, replies the Englishman.......not a problem!"

    With that he picks up the revolver and enters the room.

    Seconds later he emerges from the room...."I couldn't do it!" he proclaims...."that is my WIFE sitting in there!.....how on earth do you expect me to kill my wife?"

    "I'm sorry" replies the CO, "we are unable to accept your application to the SAS, you have failed to display the killer instinct that we require"

    Next into the interview room is the Scots man....who is given the same instructions regarding the revolver and the whole entering the room and shooting the person sitting in the chair thing......and into the room he goes.........seconds pass and he emerges from the room, white faced and uttering "I can't do this!....you bastard!.....,that is my wife!"

    "Well" says the CO "I'm afraid you do not have the necessary kill or be killed qualities that we require in the SAS......your application is denied"

    The final applicant, Seamus, from County Down enters the room, and is given the same instructions as the two other applicants......take the gun, enter the room, shoot the person in the chair.

    Seamus accepts the order, picks up the gun and closes the door

    Silence prevails for several seconds.....then all hell breaks loose!.....there are gunshots.....screams, the sound of breaking furniture!......then silence.

    The door opens.....Seamus emerges to face a confused and ashen faced CO........"Jesus H Christ!" exclaims Seamus...."some bastard put blanks in the gun!....I had to beat the bitch to death with the frickin' chair!

    Description: Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman joke....lame joke of the day