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I had to include this here!
Fred Dibnah was a steeplejack that lived and worked about 12 miles from where I live, the guy was absolutely fearless, and he was the last of a dieing breed and indeed a craft.

Watch the full video......could you do that?

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I've got a freebie for you guy's!

It's a really good lotto guide, it can be applied to the lotto in the US or to the National Lottery in the UK.....or any other lottery as far as I know.

And it is free!

follow by email, or leave me an email address and I'll send it straight out!

enjoy ;))

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Thanks to everyone who has had a "shufti" (that's a "look" to anyone not from Manchester!) at some of my favourite videos from around the web!....we've had nearly 3000 views today!

If anyone out there has a particular favourite that isn't showing here......send me a link and we'll get it up!......or if you see something here that you think is tosh (another Manchester term.....GO MANCHESTER!) let me know and I'll get rid.

Remember the idea is to try to get the very best of the best viral vid's doing the rounds!

Cheers ears!


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