44 Years of Pain......Gone in a Heartbeat!

By: Simon Booth On: 01:34:00
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  • I have supported Manchester City for over 40 years....in May this year they won the English Premier League for the first time in 44 years, If you are not from the UK, or you don't know what all the fuss  about football/soccer is, and means to all the fanatics here in the UK, then watch this video, and watch it to the end, what the old guy at the end says sums up Manchester City, and what it has been like to follow them for decades without success, until now!

    All Man City had to do to win the title was to beat QPR, but as we moved into stoppage time City were losing 1-2.....seconds remained!

    Cometh the hour.....cometh the man!.....enter stage right  Sergio Aguero!!

    .......Oh!........and turn your freakin' speakers up will you!

    How to lose your Dignity in 30 seconds!

    By: Simon Booth On: 22:34:00
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  • Man with a Secret.

    By: Simon Booth On: 02:02:00
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  • Take a good look at this picture....do you see anything wrong?

    Look really close.....anything?

    Now take a look at the video below!

    How weird is that!??

    Extreme Dad Dancing!

    By: Simon Booth On: 01:55:00
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  • Scaring People by the Power of Dance!.....Ellen style!

    By: Simon Booth On: 22:49:00
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  • Chuck Storm reporting!

    By: Simon Booth On: 21:31:00
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  • How NOT to breakdance with your cat!

    By: Simon Booth On: 21:23:00
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  • Remi Gaillard soccer skills!

    By: Simon Booth On: 00:25:00
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    500 Fails in 30 mins!......sit back and crack open a beer!

    By: Simon Booth On: 01:44:00
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  • One Direction parody......Oh what have they gone and done to the fab 5ive!!

    By: Simon Booth On: 23:41:00
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  • Bradley Walsh from UK TV's "The Chase".....and the question that cracked him up!

    By: Simon Booth On: 20:06:00
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  • Mitch Fatel Live.....This guy cracks me up!!

    By: Simon Booth On: 00:39:00
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  • The most amazing finish to the English premier league ever!!

    By: Simon Booth On: 22:48:00
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  • Sunday May 13th 2012...Manchester City need to beat QPR to win their first title for 44 years.
    If City fail to win, and Manchester United do win against Sunderland, then United will retain the title.

    It's the final game of the season.....there is 5 minutes of stoppage time signalled!  in the 3rd minute of stoppage time Edin Dzeko scores!!!....it's 2-2!!......SKY reports that Manchester United have won 0-1.....we move into the 4th minute of stoppage time.....City don't have a prayer!!

    Then this happens!  (speakers to the max please!)

    And finally....how fans around the world reacted whilst watching.

     2 days later and I'm still nursing a hangover!

    Python eats alligator.....One of the most shocking videos you will ever see!!

    By: Simon Booth On: 22:40:00
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  • Get ready for goose bumps!.....is this shit real??

    By: Simon Booth On: 02:04:00
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  • Possibly the saddest video you will ever see.

    By: Simon Booth On: 23:48:00
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  • Winning at Failing.....is that even possible??....July 2012

    By: Simon Booth On: 23:21:00
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  • Britains got Talent....Jonathon & Charlotte......and a massive surprise!

    By: Simon Booth On: 01:17:00
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