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Lame Joke of the Day....3rd Oct 2012

By: Simon On: 22:20:00
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  • A farmer had an old rooster. He wanted a young lively one to mate with the hens, so the farmer went out and bought one. As soon as the young rooster was set loose the old rooster came over and said "What are you doing here?". The young rooster said in reply "I was brought here to screw all of your hens." The old rooster didn't like this and said "Well listen, here is the deal, I'll race you around the hen house and if you win then I'll never bother you again and you can have all the hens you want. But since I'm old you have to give me a head start." The young rooster, being cocky agreed and they went to start the race. The old rooster began running and once it got to the end of the hen house the young rooster started and was quickly catching up. The young rooster was just behind the older one when suddenly there was a loud BANG and the young rooster fell to the ground. The farmer came walking up and said angrily "Looks like I bought another queer rooster!". Description: lame joke of the day