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Lame Joke of the Day 5th Oct 2012

By: Simon On: 23:57:00
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  • A woman is visiting a bar on the 6th floor of an hotel, on walking in she spots a handsome gut sitting alone with his drink.

    "What's that you're drinking?" she asks
    "This?" he replies "it's magic beer, one sip of this and I can fly out of that window and back into the bar"
    "show me" says the woman somewhat sceptically.
    The guy takes a sip of his beer and low and behold flies out of the window, does a loop the loop and flies back in.
    "WOW!" says the woman......" can I have a sip?....I gotta try that!"
    So the woman takes a sip of the beer leaps out of the window......and falls 6 floors to her untimely and messy death.

    The barman looks over and says "Superman.....you can be a right twat at times!"
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