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10 Of The World's Most Ridiculously Photogenic People

By: Simon On: 23:37:00
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  • #10 The Marathon Runner

    This guy became famous after taking this incredibly dreamy picture towards the finish line of a marathon. After running 26 miles most of us would be on a park bench after quitting on the 3rd mile. Contrarily, this guy looks like this.

    #9 The Syrian Rebel

    That's a rocket propelled grenade that Syrian rebel is hauling around, and all anyone can stare at is that dreamy mug of his...and for good reason. I don't know if all the Syrian rebels (who are fighting for democracy) look this good, but I'm going to guess and say probably. God speed sir.

    #8 Dropped on Your Head

    This man is in the process of literally being dropped on his head. Yet he remained so chill that he figured he might as well take advantage of a photo-op on his way down. What a dreamboat

    #7 The Eagle Trainer

    People who are dying to visit America likely think this is going on all over the place. A majestic eagle soaring down from the heavens to perch on a beautiful blonde's outstretched arm. It's actually quite rare, but I'm totally for printing this on the American flag

    #6 Russian Homeless Man

    This homeless dude covered in blankets has got to be the best looking homeless guy from here to the far dumpster. As soon as the photo showed up on the internet the meme fanatics dove right into it, in the process coming up with gems like this one

    #5 The Convict

    This lady was arrested in London and her mugshot has taken the internet by storm. There were tons of memes made from it but this is probably the most classic. Anybody down to go to jail real quick?

    #4 The Jolly Inmate

    From the looks of this inmate's expression it doesn't seem like jail is that bad after all. You think your day wasn't good? Were you locked in a cage? Well then smile a bit, because this guy spent his day behind bars and is still smiling.

    #3 The Olympian

    This Olympian jumped god knows how far then landed into a pit of sand...and still managed to look like this. This photo looks like it's from a modelling shoot on a beach somewhere. Which it is, only the model is an athlete and the beach is a pit of sand surrounded by cement.

    #2 Just Woke Up from Surgery After Losing 60% of Her Lung

    The last time I woke up from surgery I drooled into a bucket for about an hour and then demanded applesauce for another thirty minutes. This lady, after having a serious lung surgery, looks like she's headed to a modelling shoot. And darn do those pillows look fluffy and inviting

    #1 The Photogenic Irish

    This Notre Dame running back was hit so that his helmet came off. This is amazing because helmets are designed to not come off no matter what. Despite this head trauma he managed to look like this...photogenic people are just the worst.

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