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#15 Hilarious New LolCats

By: Simon On: 20:29:00
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  • #15 Up, Up & Away!

    It turns out when this LoLCat grows up, he wants to be an airplane...Dreams CAN come true!

    lol cats airplane

    #14 BoozeCat

    Go home cat, You're drunk.

    lolcats booze_drunk

    #13 DR. Evil Kitty

    If Dr. Evil was a cat, this would be it. He's planning world domination, one day at a time

    evil lolcats_asteroid

    #12 Surprise!

    Can you imagine opening a present to reveal this kitty? Best. Gift. Ever!

    lolcats surprise

    #11 Crazy Cat

    This is probably one of the funniest LoLCats we've seen. The looks on both of these cats' faces are priceless!

    crazy lolcats

    #10 Probation Kitty

    Lucky for that kitty that he's being held back. Sounds like he's one tough feline!

    probation lolcat

    #9 Pick-up Cat

    Everything sounds a lot funnier coming from a LoLcat. Cheesy pick-up line from a cat imitating a science professor? Hilarious!

    scientist lolcat

    #8 Upvotez Cat

    What can we say? This LoLcat certainly will be getting our upvotes!

    upvotez lolcat

    #7 Baking

    This is definitely one of our favourite LoLCat photos - Look at the cat's tiny apron!

    lolcat baking

    #6 Kitten-Beard

    Nice beard - oh wait, it's a kitten! That's adorable!

    lolcat beard

    #5 Oh, Mother!

    We give this cat Mom of the Year! Who could blame her though? Those kittens are adorable!

    lolcat mom

    #4 Not So Lol...

    Aww, this poor, sad-looking kitty doesn't make us want to laugh out loud...We just want to give it a much-needed cuddle!

    sad lolcat

    #3 Colour Changing?

    Look at this magical colour changing portal! One cat goes in only to emerge looking completely different...strange!

    lolcat colour changing portal

    #2 All Buckled Up

    Could this possibly be the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Where can we buy one just like her?

    lolcat buckled up

    #1 It's Friday!

    Here it is, a gorgeous kitty version of Rebecca Black singing her song, 'It's Friday'. We think everyone prefers this version, right?

    lolcat friday

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