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Best Of Wrong Number Texts

By: Simon On: 00:44:00
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  • Thanks to MyLikes for the following Hilarious Wrong Number Texts!

    #12 Shocking news

    Like "noticing" that man in the red suit really isn't Santa Claus.. kids know?!

    shocking news

    #11 Not good even for "friends"

    When you think about it.. sticking your "foot" in your mouth is worse than wearing a mouth full of "BRACES"!

    not good even for friends

    #10 Growing up

    This parent knows what "sexting" is! Good joke Mom!!

    growing up

    #9 Embarrassing

    She's using all the tricks in the book.. and then "surprise"!

    embarrassing texts

    #8 Church text

    There are probably many people who text in church.. God is not one of them!

    church text

    #7 Good Ending

    That's going to be an interesting visit.. nice to have a cool family 
    good ending

    #6 "Oh ok... Wait What?"

    That's got to be the slowest reaction we've seen yet! But he's busted!

    Oh Ok

    #5 He got what he asked for..

    Funny Pics! What's in that pic.. that green thing?! Maybe next time, he'll learn not to ask random internet acquaintances for pictures.

    he got what he asked for

    #4 Lost in Translation

    This is an example of one of the most dramatic differences between the two English languages across the pond!

    lost in translation

    #3 Bold Fib

    They might be worth "following" just for the sake of their wit.. it would not be boring!

    bold fib text

    #2 New MMS app

    Too much fun! We want this app!

    new mms app text

    #1 Good Excuse

    "Lent" comes in handy when making up excuses especially with clandestine meetings!

    good excuse text

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