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The 10 Best "Most Awkward Couples" Pics

By: Simon On: 23:00:00
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  • #10 Me, My Girlfriend and my (very) Dead Pet

    By the grin on her face are we to agree that she was behind the killing of lover boy's cherished pet?

    awkward couples pic

    #9 Christmas Jumpers....and goats.

    I'm not sure what is more disturbing....the hideous Xmas jumpers, the awkward look of understanding on the guys face that comes with the realisation of what he has got himself involved with......... or the fact that she's got a freaking goat on her knee!.......cancel Christmas immediately!

    awkward couples pic

    #8 Redneck Chic

    The bare chest, the casually draped thigh, the cheeky little cap, all that's missing is a great big deadly weapon......wait  a minute??

    awkward couples pic

    #7 I Really Don't Want To Be Here

    Either he doesn't want to be there.....or he's about to launch an attack on the photographer!

    #6 Cat People

    That cat looks decidedly uncomfortable!.............as would any sane living thing!

    awkward couples pic

    #5 WTF!

    Perms, sunglasses, porn tashes, assault rifles, bayonets and parrots....there is so much WTF! in this photograph I don't know where to start.....so I wont.

    awkward couples pic

    #4 Size Doesn't Matter

    "Fetch me another woman!......I've broken this one"!

    awkward couples pic

    #3 Dream Girl

    I'm not sure whether this is an actual photograph or we are taking a peak into matey boys dream here, either way, make it count son, it's your first and more than likely your last!

    awkward couples pic

    #2 Oh God my Eyes!

    I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just imagining what the kids are going to look like....sweet baby Jesus and the orphans!

    awkward couples pic

    #1 Scary Starey!

    Either these are two people you would move to another country to avoid........or........the couple from pic #5 are taking the photo!

    awkward couples pic

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