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WTF! Facebook Facepalms

By: Simon On: 20:11:00
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     #1 OMG WHEN??? 

    "This is when and where I'm getting married!" "Awesome! When and where are you getting married?" I wonder if this genius is invited to the wedding?

    facebook facepalms

    #2 Trapped on the Escalator!

      We're all wondering how one gets trapped on an escalator. An elevator maybe, but an escalator? Did she not realize she could just walk up or down to her "rescue?" 

    facebook facepalms

    #3 Biology Failed Her!

      Squirrels are cute...but they are not reptiles. And for that matter, neither are dolphins. We see how you can maybe get confused with a dolphin being a fish versus a mammal, but squirrels? Reptiles? 

    facebook facepalms

    #4 Aunt Versus Uncle 

      It's hard to believe Jenn doesn't know the difference between aunt, uncle, niece and nephew. But, alas, there's proof in her Facebook post. Maybe she can learn the difference when they teach her new nephew!

    facebook facepalms

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